Luciano Pavarotti

AZI a murit marele tenor Luciano Pavarotti copy/paste !ROME (Reuters) - Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti, hailed by many as the greatest tenor of his generation, died in the early hours of Thursday, his manager Terri Robson said."Luciano Pavarotti died one hour ago," Robson said in a telephone text message to Reuters. He was 71.The rotund, black-bearded tenor known as "Big Luciano" helped bring opera to the masses and performed to vast stadium audiences round the world. He shot to fame with a stand-in appearance at London's Covent Garden in 1963 and had soon had critics gushing about his voluminous voice.In July 2006, Pavarotti underwent surgery in New York for pancreatic cancer and retreated to his villa in Modena. He had to cancel his first planned public reappearance a few months later.