The scope of application and process of vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill can be used as cement, clinker pre grinding, after the system configuration can also be used for cement finish grinding. Vertical roller mill  is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical dry grinding, mines, energy, refractories and other industries in the Mohs hardness below level 8 fineness requirements are not higher than -400 in all kinds of materials. Such as: Cement (born, clinker, limestone, lime),  powder,plaster, glass, coal, sandstone, shale, coal gangue, slag, blast furnace slag,serpentine, talc, calcite, dolomite, marble, granite, fluorite, wollastonite, lapis lazuli, pyrophyllite, mullite, magnesium ore, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, kaolin,barium salts, iron oxide red, alum, potassium salt, barite, iron ore, copper ore,manganese ore, manganese metal, sulphur, feldspar, quartz, calcium carbide,sintering ore, bauxite, phosphate rock, calcium magnesium phosphate,ammonium phosphate, urea and other materials.

1.Energy saving range 1, vertical grinder large crushing ratio, under the same conditions, the mill can save 40 ~ 60%.

2, vertical grinder force comes from the centrifugal force and spring force. It does not require heavy parts and complex system, so that the volume is small,large production capacity. Mill with the same production capacity are compared,the weight and the volume of grinding is much smaller, thus saving plant investment, so for the project investment cost is also much lower.

3.The vulnerability of material 3, vertical grinder for high alloy abrasion resistant steel, high manganese steel mill and other general to give priority to, the wear resistance of the former is the latter 3 ~ 5 times, so the grinding damageable parts service life cycle.

4, vertical grinder with low power consumption, no dust pollution, consumable sand long service life, simple structure, less land occupation, maintaining stable performance, low failure rate, operation rate higher characteristic, so the grinding is more suitable for all types of enterprises in china.

System transformation, ball mill grading adjusted, a warehouse reduce ball loading capacity, improve the ratio of material to ball mill, processing capacity increases, the maximum diameter of steel ball drop for 60mm; two ware house increase ball loading, the use of small balls or cylpebs reduce material ball ratio,to improve the grinding ability. At the same time, strengthen the ventilation, to prevent excessive grinding, grinding the wind speed in the select a larger value,which is greater than 1m/s. The mill tail elevator, powder selecting machine, dust collector and other raw system equipment and pipeline, carrying on the corresponding transformation based on process conditions after the change.